Fees and Charges for Carson's Appraisals


Carson's Appraisals fees are as follows:

Single-family Residence-conventional 400.00
Single-family Residence-FHA 450.00
FHA 203(k) 550.00
Duplex 500.00
Triplex 625.00
Fourplex 650.00
442 or Compliance Inspection 100.00
Extra charge for appraisal from plans 100.00
Complex Properties over $500K Contact Us for quote.
Operating Income Statement Form 216 50.00
Rent Survey Form 1007 100.00
FNMA 2055 - Exterior 325.00
Land Appraisal - Residential only Contact Us for quote.
Manufactured Home Appraisal 500.00

Fees are effective as of February 2017.

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Please note:

If paying by C.O.D., appraisal will be delivered after receipt of payment.

Carson’s Appraisals
Tara Carson
Fair Oaks, CA
E-mail: tara@carsonsappraisals.com
Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute
Country Club Letip Member
member since 1999
CA Certified Real Estate Appraiser

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